Art is life, but what happens when living from your art is hard? The Namibia Arts Fair is a annual event that focuses on connecting artists with an audience to exhibit and sell their work. The event will reinforce the value and importance of Namibian Artists in the community.


We hope to facilitate the exhibition and purchase of Namibian art and craft pieces. We hope to create an understanding of the value of artwork for those not familiar with the art scene, and teach people how to interact with artists and purchase art for themselves. We also hope to fill the gap of knowledge that people have regarding modern Namibian artists, so that people can make money from their art today, not after they have passed.

Community Involvement

This event will engage both local and national artists to find new avenues for the exposure and sale of their work. There also numerous networking opportunities and collaborations possible, and artists are encouraged to create their own mini events and exhibitions within their display spaces. The local art community will be enriched by the workshops we give that teach them how to best display their craft and promote it for sale, both locally and internationally.